Mauricio Álamos, manager of Platinium Flowers, produces another exportable plant in Aysén: peonies. With the help of ProChile, it has managed to reach European countries -such as Russia and Holland- and the United States. It has the advantage of offering this flower for decoration when in those places, due to the counter-season, they cannot produce it.

“Growing in Patagonia gives us a robust plant because it needs cold, excellent water and lots of light at this time of the year. They are premium flowers. We grow on two and a half hectares,” says Alamos. Its export volume is close to 100,000 sticks per year.


Jorge O’Ryan, general director of ProChile, says that shipments of flora reinforce our export presence in the world and demonstrate richness and diversity. “Products such as flowers, boldo leaves and truffles, although not exported in large quantities, are a strong ingredient in the diversification and construction of the country’s image. They also contribute with employment by incorporating communities in production, extending the benefits of exports, a key fact today when we all seek to contribute to the reactivation of the country”, he concludes.