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Alexander Fleming Rhizome

This is a rhizome of Peony or commonly called potato or Peony root. This corresponds to the Alexander Fleming variety. Each rhizome is different in size and shape.

Peonies require time to establish themselves in the ground. Approximately 2 to 3 seasons to begin to give flowering stems. They do not like to be moved because when they are planted in soil they begin to adapt to their new environment.

The first few seasons will sprout some vegetable stems and if you are lucky a flower stalk. With each passing season the rhizome will grow and thus the plant will grow into vegetative as well as flowering stems each spring.

Care and maintenance throughout the year are important for the plant to produce flowers and grow well! Keeping free of weeds, correct sun orientation and good fertilization are VITAL for the growth of a healthy and vigorous plant.

Check if the climate in your area has cold winters before growing them! They need cold in winter to bloom in spring.