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We grow the most beautiful peonies in the most spectacular place; Patagonia. Under harsh climatic conditions, pristine waters and intense cold, we export our high quality flowers to the world every season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need your flowers to open faster because you need them for an event?

Take a vase, add warm water and a spoonful of sugar, stir well to dissolve the sugar and arrange the flowers. Place the vase in a warm place. This will accelerate the flowering of your peonies.

How long does a peony last in a vase?

A peony in a vase lasts 5 to 6 days when it is received in bud stage. Temperature conditions directly affect the vase life of flowers.

Can I keep my peonies for a few more days in bud?

Yes. You can take your bouquets and wrap them in a plastic bag and leave them in the refrigerator on the bottom. This will help to keep them for about 2 or 3 more days on the button. Remember that the more time they spend in that while you or three parts go down. This will help stico allo closes attractive to our customers abroad in cold, the shorter its shelf life in vase.

How can I make my flowers last longer in a vase?

Peonies like all flowers suffer from heat. To help them last longer, you can cut the stem every two days about 2 cm and change the water in the vase. At the same time you can add a few ice cubes twice a day to cool the water and help hydrate.

How do I order my peonies?

You can do it by e-mail or phone, also Facebook or Instagram. You just have to be clear about the varieties or colors you like and confirm availability for the date you need them.

We have weekly stock in Santiago that varies weekly. If you require a larger volume of flowers, we must coordinate the date and pick up of the flowers.

How are peonies sold?

They are sold in boxes of 100 sticks of solid color (one color) or mixed varieties (several colors). This format is widely used for sharing among several people.

We also handle stock in bunches of 5 sticks, according to the varieties that are harvested weekly.

How is the delivery or where do I pick up my peonies?

The value of the rod includes shipping from the orchard to Santiago. The customer picks up at our offices located in Santiago. You must confirm the payment of the order and then pick it up at the times we agree with each customer. If you require shipping we can coordinate an Uber or we can ship them with an extra charge and the minimum is one box.

Do you sell peony rhizomes or plants?

From May, we have peony rhizomes available. Each season we handle a different stock of varieties from which you can choose the ones you like the most.

Can I order rhizomes to regions?

We ship to regions from Santiago. They are shipped “payable” by bus or plane, depending on the customer’s preference.

How to grow my peonies?

Follow our tips and you will be able to grow peonies in your garden. With constant care you will achieve good results.

Are peonies in sun or shade?

Most peonies are sunny. They should be oriented to the north at the time of planting. Some more delicate varieties need semi-shade. As the plant develops, you will become aware of its requirements.

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